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Simple. Clear. Concise.

Pensions can be complex, at each stage of your savings life there are many things to consider, such as how much to save, where to invest and how to take benefits.

As life expectancy is increasing and we are expected to take greater responsibility for our financial well-being, access to advice to help demystify pension rules, financial planning and the savings process has never been more important.

We believe that Clear, Concise, Pensions guidance based upon years of experience in the industry from highly qualified advisers is a must, that’s is why we started All About Pensions.

Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

We are just that – All About Pensions!

Our team of Chartered Financial Planners and Pension Transfer Specialists focus entirely on pension savings and planning needs. We don’t sell products, we work with you to explain clearly and concisely the considerations at various stages of your life and only recommend solutions that we ourselves would use or have proven successful for our clients.

We believe that in a complex world you should expect and receive guidance that puts you at ease.

Dan Farrow

Dan Farrow


Dan is a qualified chartered financial planner and pension transfer specialist and has been an FCA directly authorised adviser for over ten years. Having seen first-hand how clear and concise guidance can assist clients to reach their goals Dan saw the opportunity to build a platform that spread the word, All About Pensions was born.

David Castle

David Castle


David is a financial services executive with over 25 years of experience. He started his pension savings age 20 and experienced moving and consolidating pension pots. David is not about to retire, his experience as a saver and passion for help simplify the complex world of savings brought him to All About Pensions.

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